Help the polar bears

Polar Bear Close Up

Every time one of my Polar bear shoulder bags are purchased I will personally donate 10% of the sale to the WWF-UK(world wide fund for nature), to help these magnificent animals and other endangered wildlife.

It is so sad to see what's happening to them, and I want to use a part of what I do to help support the polar bears and to help raise awareness.

Polar bears can walk or swim very long distances to find food or to find a mate, sometimes they can roam up to 600,000 square kilometres. They are top predators in their food chain, so they are very important to the balance of their ecosystem.

One of the reasons that puts them at risk of becoming endangered is that they're hunted by native people in Canada and Greenland. Another reason is due to climate change. Which is warming the Arctic sea, causing the ice that polar bears use as platforms for hunting, to melt away.

This means that the bears are having to spend more time on the mainland, bringing them into closer contact with towns and villages to find food. Causing a threat to both people and bears. The WWF are working within these areas to help find ways to make them safer places for people and bears to exist together, so that no harm is brought to either.

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Polar Bear Handmade Shoulder Bag

Each year 'International Polar Bear Day' is held on the 27th February. When we are asked to reduce our carbon emissions and lower our heating thermostats, with a hope to reduce global warming.

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